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April/May 2016
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Market Report: Concrete Laying, Cutting & Finishing
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Executive Hire News › Archives › April/May 2016 › Market Report: Concrete Laying, Cutting & Finishing : Latest products

Market Report: Concrete Laying, Cutting & Finishing : Latest products

Comprehensive Makita solutions

Makita says that, prior to pouring concrete, steel reinforcement often has to be assembled to form a cage and that this task can be helped by using its DSC191 steel rebar cutter. Powered by an 18V Lithium-ion battery, it is claimed to be able to cut through 20mm rebar in 6.5 seconds.
The DVR350 battery powered vibrating poker can be used to remove air pockets in wet concrete, particularly in sites with restricted access. It measures 80cm long and 25mm in diameter. Once set, a fine surface can be achieved with the PC5001, a 125mm concrete planer fitted with a diamond wheel. The 110V tool has a forward roller and rear planer guide for stability during operation.
Makita’s range of petrol engine disc cutters includes the EK7650 4-stroke machine and the EK6100, a 2-stroke model offering a 110mm depth of cut. The line-up also includes two electric disc cutters. The 4114 model has a 355mm blade and will cut to a depth of 125mm, whilst the 4112 variant is fitted with a 300mm blade and cuts down to 100mm. Both tools are available in 110V.

01908 211678

Dart’s power of Ten

Dart Tool Group’s Red Ten Diamond range includes blades designed to cut through hard, medium or soft materials, and encompasses concrete/general purpose blades up to ceramic or tile cutting blades. Large 15mm segments are incorporated to increase the life of the blade and to reduce downtime.
The line-up also includes premium-grade dry core bits, which have a spiral barrel configuration with slots for swift dust removal. This is designed to enable the core to drill more smoothly, as debris is removed in a controlled manner.

01592 652900

Tackle dust with HSC

Hire Supply Co (HSC) says that products from the Pullman-Ermator range that it distributes include vacuums to deal with dust produced by various tasks when working with concrete, such as grinders, scarifiers, saws, drills, sanders, cutters and blasters, for both wet and dry operation.
Also available are the A600 and A1200 air cleaners to control airborne dust, which are Hepa-approved and have H13 filters.

0845 309 0707

Mighty Meteor from Addex

Addex states that its Floorex range of grinders have been developed to withstand the rigours of hire industry usage. Tooling systems are designed for simplicity and are colour-coded to facilitate product selection, and the machines come with a two year warranty.
The Meteor 250 model has a floating shroud for dust control and can be used for preparing, grinding and polishing floor surfaces. The machine is designed to give low HAV levels, and Addex says it could be operated for up to 15 hours a day, dependent on the material being treated. The company states that it is not uncommon for the Meteor 250 to last 15 years or more. It can also be used with Addex’s range of M and H Class vacuums for dust-free working.

01432 346850

Trelawny’s success on a plate

Trelawny’s range of surface preparation equipment includes concrete planers, surface grinders and floor strippers, complementing its line-up of pneumatic needle scalers and scabblers.
The manufacturer’s latest development for the hire industry is a range of quick-release diamond tooling for its TCG grinders. This is designed to offer a more flexible system for floor grinding and polishing tasks, compared against the existing fixed diamond disc configuration, and is said to allow hirers to offer more solutions for surface preparation tasks, such as concrete levelling and coatings removal, using the same machine.
The quick-release plate is installed in place of the old-style diamond disc and is then fitted with smaller segments that can be changed and replaced as required for work on different surfaces. The new system is compatible with existing TCG models.

01926 883 781

Expanded Yokota range

Air tool supplier, Yokota UK, reports that it continues to develop its range of hammers, breakers, rock drills, air shovels, impact wrenches, air grinders, needle scalers, scabblers and floor preparation equipment. Products are designed for reliability, long life, power and operator comfort, and the majority of the company’s breakers incorporate vibration reduction measures, auto-lubrication and anti-freeze mufflers.
The range of hammers and breakers has been extended and now encompasses 5kg lightweight chipping hammers, 12kg heavy-duty hammers and up to 25kg and 30kg pavement breakers.

01909 552471

Seddons adds cordless Stihl saw

Seddons offers a diverse line-up of equipment from various manufacturers for concrete laying, cutting and finishing, ranging from Winget concrete mixers and MBW power trowels, to Clipper concrete floor saws.
A new introduction to the portfolio is the Stihl TSA 230 cordless cut-off saw, which has a 230mm cutting wheel. The product can be used for cutting concrete and steel reinforcement, as well as brick, blocks, pipes and tiles. It offers a maximum cutting depth of 70mm and has a water connection for dust suppression.

0845 230 4862

Duro makes the cut

Duro has introduced the DUA/C blade, which is available in standard and ‘Silent’ formats. It is designed to cut all types of concrete, including reinforced material, as well as class A engineering bricks, ferrous metal up to 5mm gauge, abrasive items and asphalt.
The blade has 13mm laser-welded segments that are configured so that the diamond sits in a grid layout for optimal and consistent performance. Deep draft sections are designed to give undercut protection when cutting abrasive materials, and the shot-blasted core is said to provide additional wear resistance.
In addition, keyhole gullets are incorporated to reduce the likelihood of chipping and to lower vibration, while directional cooling holes are incorporated to reduce heat and distortion. The Silent version has a multi-layered core for low noise and vibration.

01909 552470

Altrad Belle from start to finish

Altrad Belle offers a range of products that have been developed for all stages of the concreting process. The AT350 road-tow mixer is designed to be towed at speeds of up to 50mph and its 340-litre drum can provide a 280-litre mix of concrete or mortar, which can be discharged by a single operator.
The machine has an integrated lighting board and mud guards, as well as a detachable towing hitch, and it can be specified in diesel, petrol or
electric versions. Once the concrete has been discharged, air voids can be removed with BHFX Vibratech electric high frequency pokers, available with head sizes of 38mm, 52mm and 58mm. They are offered in either 110V or 230V electric variants with 15m of integrated cable. The manufacturer says that most standard concrete pours can be covered by models in the range, and that the pokers are designed for low HAV levels.
Reported to be gaining in popularity amongst hirers, the Easy Screed free screeding machine is designed for levelling and vibrating concrete slabs without the need to run off supporting form work. It can be operated by one person for laying concrete bays up to 6m in width, and an adjustable central vibrator is incorporated to optimise performance with different concrete slumps. Nine beam lengths are available, from 1.5m up to 6m.
Designed for finishing concrete slabs and floors to a high specification, and to eliminate laitance, the Pro-Tilt 900 power trowel now has the option of a folding handle to facilitate transportation and storage. It has a tilt system for rapid blade adjustment and a self-operated clutch for low speed control and easy starting.
The Belle Warrior wheelbarrow can be used for moving concrete from mixing trucks and batching plants. It has a reinforced frame to enable it to accept a 100-litre load of wet concrete, and the tray is made from non-stick high density polyethylene which has non-stick characteristics for easy cleaning.

01298 84606

Hire Station chooses Husqvarna grinders

Hire Station has taken delivery of ten Husqvarna PG 280 floor grinders to meet growing demand from customers undertaking surface preparation tasks. “Last year, we refreshed equipment in our fleet for several markets outside our core range, and we saw the PG 280 at the Executive Hire Show,” said Purchasing Manager Paul Smith. “We were impressed by the compact, lightweight nature of the machine, and the folding handlebars for easy transportation. It also has a dust extraction outlet and a quick-change system for fitting different grinding heads.”
The 110V PG 280, the smallest model in Husqvarna’s range, has an integral edge grinding function and a wall protector. It is designed for removing adhesive residue, paint and sparkle coatings on medium-sized concrete areas.
Hire Station MD Brian Sherlock added, “As demonstrated at the Executive Hire Show, innovation is more than ever important to our customers, whether it’s additional health, safety or environmental benefits, creating opportunities to cut time on site, or developing new methods of working.”
The machine has been trialled at Hire Station’s Derby depot since December. “Customers have found it easy to use and there have been no issues with it at all,” Depot Manager Alex Titchmarsh told EHN.
“Its floating head follows contours better, and changing the grinding heads takes two minutes, which is appreciated by users on site
and by our workshop staff. It is very versatile and designed for low power consumption.”
Paul Smith is pictured, right, taking delivery of nine of the new PG 280s from Husqvarna’s Rob Harlow. The other was immediately put out on hire.
The machines will be distributed to Hire Station’s depots in Derby, Loughborough, Southampton and Plymouth, where demand is greatest, and more are expected to be added in the future.
Hire Station is also adding a further 400 Husqvarna K760 disc cutters with OilGuard engine protection, to refresh and expand its existing fleet of 2,600 units. “Husqvarna has a ‘lean packaging system’ that enables 14 machines to be delivered in one crate, complete with our bespoke decals and fleet numbers, which is more efficient and helps to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Paul Smith.

0844 844 4570

Keep track with Hilti

Hilti’s diamond blade range includes basic, standard and premium grades, with specialist and universal versions for concrete and other materials. The recently launched EQD-SPX blade has S-shaped segments for greater cutting speed, and the diamonds are configured so as to be evenly spaced for efficient cutting and long life.
The manufacturer has also launched upgraded versions of its VC 20-UM and VC 40-UM vacuums for on-tool dust removal. Modifications include the incorporation of a switch to de-activate the automatic filter cleaning system, so that the machines can be used in quiet environments, such as in and around hospital buildings.
Hilti says that hirers can benefit from using its new ON!Track system for managing the items in their fleet. Robust tags fitted to the equipment are scanned using a hand-held device, generating data on its location and condition which can be stored on computer. The company states that the system can monitor service and repair records to help organise the calibration of the vacuums and the exchange of filters under Hilti’s management programme. It can also record the sales of consumables, such as diamond blades, and indicate when stocks need to be replenished.

0800 886 100

Preptec targets hire

Preptec Equipment Services has launched several new machines aimed at the hire market, including the S210 captive floor shot blasting unit. It is designed as a dust-free floor preparation solution for use on concrete floor surfaces prior to re-coating tasks, removing old paint coatings, creating non-slip surfaces, and for work on floors in warehouses prior to the application of line markings.
Also new is the Mixall 32, a single phase forced action mixer for use with screeds, levelling compounds, mortar, resins and sealants. The machine is designed to mix materials without adding excessive amounts of air.

01522 689573

British-made Fairport range

Fairport recently added a new mixer to its range of machinery for working with concrete, all of which is made at its factory in Sheffield. Called the Mixzr, it has removable bolt-on paddles and a drum that is designed to tilt easily to help achieve faster results.
Also available is a double beam screed with adjustable tension bars to give an even surface finish, and a range of vibrating pokers with Fairport’s own flexible drive units.

0114 276 7921

Grinding versatility from Toolpak

The latest addition to Toolpak’s range of diamond products is the heavy-duty CGX125, a cup grinding wheel specifically designed for use with a variety of popular 125mm angle grinders. The company says it can be used for tasks such as removing shutter marks on concrete and for the quick removal of surface defects on various construction materials.
Toolpak states that the use of segments with a high diamond concentration, combined with a self-cooling ventilated body, gives long life and consistent performance on a range of construction materials, including concrete, brick and natural stone.

01978 291771

Multi-task with The Preparation Group

The Preparation Group has launched an addition to its STG surface preparation range, namely the STG400. A lightweight version of the existing STG450 model, it is designed for light grinding, refurbishment, cleaning and polishing. It can be used to remove laitance, paint, light surface contaminants and coatings from concrete, as well as for polishing the material.
The machine can be adapted to undertake different operations by interchanging accessories and plates. These are designed for quick attachment without the need for specialist tools, and an optional suction ring is available to minimise dust. The STG400 can be fitted with different discs for texturing and cleaning concrete, and sanding discs for light grinding and keying. For floor refurbishment and maintenance, surface finishing diamond pads can be supplied for cleaning and polishing work without the use of chemicals or waxes.

01522 561460

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